This knowledge is for all those who wash their vehicles, To avoid the swirl marks or spider webs as they are sometimes called, it is even more important when having vehicles with darker colors, as these defects show up easily, to be fair these colors also show a deeper gloss when taken care of properly.

In this method one of the buckets is filled up with your favorite car wash shampoo and clean water, there are various car wash shampoos available, one with added wax or polymer coating wash or just plain without any extra additives, the other bucket with clean water. All you need now is a wash mitt made of natural lamb wool to wash without swirls or a microfiber one with noodles. After wiping a part of the vehicle, dip the mitt in the bucket with clean water to remove all the contaminants and then soak once again in the bucket with shampoo. Repeat until the whole vehicle is done starting from the top working downwards.

When the whole vehicle is done, rinse it down with clean water, starting from the top. Next use a high density generous size microfiber towel or Chamois to lay flat over the surface and pull to remove all the water, repeat as necessary, avoid heavy pressure or circular motion, this method will avoid swirls from building up on the paint. Using buckets with a sand guard will help keep the dirt and contaminants stay down and not be picked up with the mitt Share your experience and ideas.

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