In this world full of electronic gadgets, we cannot forget the need to periodically charge them. Most of us may agree we have at least once let them run out of battery and may be just when we really need to use them.
This bring us to the question which of these are really needed? Some of them double as another, just as the mobile phone has taken over the job of the camera, stopwatch, watch, calculator etc….and the list goes on.
Here is a small list of some interesting gadgets that you might need, without getting inti too much detail. Whether you are a serious off-road enthusiast or a person with a 9 to 5 schedule all of is will find some of these useful. The USB outlet built into the vehicle, sometimes are not enough or not placed at the right spot where we need them or not supply sufficient current to charge our appliances.
This humble cigar lighter USB charger from Energizer® provides twin outlets with output current up to 2.4 amps, sufficient for quick charging your iPad or mobiles.
In case you need to charge more than two devices at one time or extend the lead up to your device this quadsocket charger should be sufficient.
Have an onboard fridge or other device that is plugged in permanently, this power outlet with battery guard is a must have, built-in protection not to let your battery run flat.
This Power Inverter from Energizer® provides you 220volt power on the road keeping your laptop and other gadgets charged using your home charger!
Have a motorbike and need to charge your mobile on the go? This motorbike charger from Digidock® is just what you need!
As promised without going too deep into the subject most relevant info has been provided, for more gadgets you may visit this page.

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