Jump starters used to be bulky and heavy battery packs, often used to start a car with a dead battery by mechanics, by the year 2000 Jump starters were more portable and affordable, offering a power source for your 12 volt gadgets while camping, fishing or on a picnic.

Nowadays with the continued enhancement in Lithium Ion batteries technology, the size of the jump starter is no more than a full-size mobile phone with a case. Portable enough to carry in your briefcase. The convenience of the size and availability under reliable brand names has made the jump starter an invaluable addition to my carry on during my travels, as the modern jump starter is used not only for starting cars but also for charging laptops, mobile phones etc… a handy accessory when in need.

My jump starter serves as an insurance if I ever need to jump start my car or anyone that needs help, plus it doubles as a power bank when needed. With enough juice to rapidly charge my mobile phone. The surprised look in the eye of the person when such a small looking gadget can power up a dead battery is enough to make you smile and believe me it has happened more than once!

I mentioned about the availability of the jump starter under reliable brands, this is especially important as the humble seeming lithium ion battery that is now available in different shapes and sizes can also be mischievous, if required safety precautions are not taken, we all know about the modern aircraft and the not too distant problem with batteries, grounding the whole fleet! Something that can give 400 plus cranking amps needs to have all the safety precautions in place, here I would like to talk about one such brand that I have used for a couple of years and continue to use the upgraded version. Energizer under its brand has a series of jump starters that have different levels of output from 7500mAh up to 12000mAh with 500 cranking Amps. These jump starters are allowed to be carried on board the aircraft in your carry on. They have important features such as short circuit protection, to prevent sparking and burn out reverse polarity protection to protect your battery and the jump starter. The battery in these jump starters had a long life and charge holding capacity, however I usually top up the charge every two or three months if the jump starter is left unused just to be on the safe side.

With a non-reversible connector it is not possible to cross connect the starting cable to the jump starter, you can find them with this link https://autoplusmart.com/off-road-accessories/2559618-energizer-lithium-polymer-car-jump-starter-7500mah.html for a 7500mAh unit or a 12000mAh unit https://autoplusmart.com/travel-solutions/25510205-energizer-lithium-polymer-car-jump-starter-12000mah.html Do write about your personal experiences or if you have any questions.

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