With the evolution of various types of paints and the enthusiasts requirement to keep their rides in mint condition the automotive industry has come up with a novel solution to keep their favorite cars protected from road debris, minor scratches, bird droppings, acid rain etc….

The Paint protection film is born, a clear stretchable high gloss film that is nearly invisible when applied professionally, developed to keep the high gloss for longer with low maintenance. Considered as self-cleaning due to the hydrophobic effect of the top coating. Furthermore even if a mishap occurs and damages the film, it can be peeled off leaving the surface below protected without any paint damage, with the increased presence of PDR ( paint-less dent repair) the dented surface is renewed easily.

Not all surface protection films are equal in performance, as for all other products, similarly the cry for better performance is received for paint protection films. This leads the brand leaders to innovate and the results can be seen, i. Self-Healing topcoat, healing the swirl marks soon after they appear on the surface, ii. Non-yellowing performance, maintaining the clarity for longer, more noticeable on white and silver surfaces iii. Lay flat without orange peel effect, noticeable on flat paints, iv. No stretch marks over curved surfaces (top coating stretches evenly with base film).  These are among some of the improvements seen over the years to meet the demands of the vehicle owner and the installers. I am sure that over the years more improvements will be seen, due to high consumer expectations the humble paint protection film is having a lot more to do than just protect paint!

Premium Shield paint protection films are used to protect some of the most expensive cars in the world, whether new or classic. These films are available with options such as high gloss, https://autoplusmart.com/window-film-wraps/25599948-premium-shield-pint-protection-film-self-heal-elite.html satin matte, https://autoplusmart.com/window-film-wraps/25599951-premium-shield-paint-protection-film-matte-self-heal-elite.html Gloss black also back light smoke tint films. Due to some of the innovative technologies and patents, Premium Shield paint protection films are rated among the best in the world. With the addition of the proprietary Cut Studio software and templates for a wide range of vehicles, it is the #1 choice in the world as it provides an all in one solution. Any questions? Do write to us with your ideas.

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