The often-asked question, do I polish or wax my vehicle? and sometimes one is misinterpreted as the other.  It all depends how much time you want to spend revitalizing the finish of your vehicle.

With so many brands and variety of products to choose from it can get very confusing indeed to pick up a product that you might like, many consumers end up picking up a product depending on reviews they might have seen. With the technology advancing so much the consumer cannot go wrong if they chose one of the top-rated brands. Now for the difference between the products vying for the top spot and what you need to use. It all depends on how cared or neglected the paint surface of your ride is.

With minor swirls marks and slightly oxidized paint there is no need to go any further than a polish. Or else a rubbing compound will have to appear to smoothen out the deeper scratches! Although this option is best left to the more experienced. The polish removes minor swirls and oxidized paint to make the painted surface pop. Now the polished surface needs protection so that it does not get weathered or scratched again easily, a good quality wax will seal it and provide a protective coating and deep gloss. There are various types of waxes available, one of the most common ones is the Carnauba based wax, however the quantity of Carnauba in the product may differ from one product to another. Various brands compete for the top spot when it comes to waxes, with consumers deciding on their favorite brand after trial and error or reviews they might have seen. For those who do not have the time to spend polishing and waxing, the industry leaders have introduced cleaner waxes for the DIY enthusiast, the cleaner wax will polish the surface to remove swirls and at the same time provide a protective surface coating with a gloss.

Another option for sealing the surface after polishing is a polymer coating sometimes called a synthetic wax, this synthetic coating lasts longer than waxes, it is easier to put on and buff off leaving behind a high gloss, however those who swear by the waxing option are also right as the wax will provide a deeper shine. In extremely hot climates it is not advisable to use a wax in summer as the carnauba melts at about 80˚Celcius.

In conclusion, what is better polish or wax, it all depends on the surface to be maintained,  a polish will remove the minor scratches and oxidized paint and a wax will protect the surface irrespective of the fact if it was first polished or not, it will still provide a shine and protection. To make polishing and waxing easier various tools are available that effectively cut down the working time. Mothers Powerball and PowerCone is one such product also the Shinemate Polishing cone for polishing in to crevices. You may want to know about the usage of the tools. To choose from polishes, waxes and polymers you may visit the MOTHERS® products page or STONER® products page. Do share your experience with us. Or if you have any questions.

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