Power tools are a great help to the modern detailer, be it as a professional or DIY project for polishing with ease. Proper care of the tools is necessary to ensure long usage life.

The Foam power ball or cones that are used instead of regular foam polishing pads should be washed after each use with a mild dish washing liquid, and then rinse thoroughly and wrap with an absorbent towel to remove water and then left to dry naturally without wringing out the water.

The polishing tools should be used at low to medium speeds, without excessive pressure to spread the polishing medium evenly and to avoid slinging. If used on an equipment that has a variable clutch system, then set it to medium torque so that the tool will slip if it gets stuck or catches something. Protects the user as well. Do not force the foam tool into very narrow spaces as this might damage the foam.

Do not use with alcohol or petroleum-based cleaners, such as aerosols. In case you find that the polish is drying up quickly while polishing metal surfaces, you may mist the foam tool or the surface with water. For metals you may consider using https://blog.autoplusmart.com/introducing-mothers-mag-aluminum-polish/

What are your favorite polish tools?  The Power cone is used to polish wheels or other wedged surfaces https://autoplusmart.com/waxes-and-cleaners/2559840-mothers-power-cone.html Power ball for polishing flat, curved or hard to reach areas. https://autoplusmart.com/waxes-and-cleaners/2559840-mothers-power-cone.html For aluminum and other metals polishing use https://autoplusmart.com/waxes-and-cleaners/2559662-mothers-mag-aluminium-polish-5oz.html For metalized chrome use https://autoplusmart.com/waxes-and-cleaners/25598414-mothers-california-gold-chrome-polish-12oz.html

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