What is better rotary or dual action polisher? is a question that haunts the novice the DIY enthusiast or even someone that has been polishing for several years using a rotary polisher. Well there is no easy one line answer to this question as there are supporters for both these machines, but if you ask for my two cents of information, I have learnt through the years, it all depends in which situation you are, is it a custom job a repair job or other. The rotary is definitely a go to machine to start with, it can be used to quickly remove imperfections from new paint jobs, or old oxidized paint to be renewed. Now comes the tricky part, how to get a deeper gloss and get rid of the swirls that are not necessarily visible to the naked eye, it all depends on how observant you are. Now comes the time to use the dual action machine preferably with a short throw of 15mm, with the proper final polishing compounds or sealants and right pads the seemingly great work with the rotary machine will become greater! Do write to me about YOUR personal experiences.

Shinemate Polishing machines are available as rotary or dual action, with an assortment of backing plates. Shinemate also produce microfiber, wool and foam polishing pads under the Black Diamond brand, these pads have multi cutting faces for quicker polishing action and keeping the polished surface cool at the same time. Foam pads are available in high to low density for all your detailing needs. The Dual action polishing machines are available with 3, 5- and 6-inch backing plates, these machines are smooth to work with, they can be compared to any leading brand for durability.

Shinemate has become a favorite brand for many detailers across the world. Mini polisher kit also available for hard to reach areas https://autoplusmart.com/equipment-accessories/25510598-mini-polisher-kit-mpk-3.html The rotary polishing machine has a constant speed governor to keep the speed constant at different load levels https://autoplusmart.com/equipment-accessories/25510385-rotary-polisher-heavy-duty-ep812.html. Soon to be introduced is a wireless series, with heavy duty rechargeable battery packs.  To see the entire range visit https://autoplusmart.com/search?controller=search&s=shinemate

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