Heat rejection and privacy have always been two of the top priorities when considering any building project be it residential or commercial. With the summers becoming longer and the temperatures rising, Energy Saving Window Tint Film has come into the limelight, inducted into the building code by California and followed by other states. Studies show that it costs 10 times more to cool a room by 1 degree Celsius than to heat it. Sun Control films are being considered not only for new projects but also for existing ones as a retrofit product. A reputable brand that offers a product with acceptable ROI is of utmost importance for a feasible solution.

To the novice most window films seem the same except for the brand they prefer, in reality there are different series of window films available in the same brand each having different characteristics which affect the overall performance of the tint films and their final price to the consumer. Brand recognition is not the only thing to look for, in fact it is the most common mistake made by the consumer, all window tints are not born equal! In fact it is like looking to buy a certain brand of vehicle and we all know that there are different models in that brand our preference is not the same for all, so why is it not so for window tints ? Ask about the characteristics of the window film being offered to you and the alternatives available in the same or other brand, often many tinters just keep one type which might be the most economical in that brand, due to the brand names familiarity they make an easy sale, which is not necessarily the best for the consumer.

Depending on the part of the world you reside in, you should ask for tint film most suitable for you, certain tint films are only for architectural use and other for automotive, however there are some that can be used for both, a well informed sales person can guide you through the different types, comparing their particular benefits against each other.

Founded in 1999 STC has quickly evolved as a leading brand in the Energy Saving glass tint sector. Due to the Green House effect and the need to curb CO2 emissions, Energy Saving Tint has a big part to play as a retrofit product for old buildings and offers cost savings and effective heat blocking performance for new projects. STC Films are available for the automotive and Architectural sector, with a wide range to choose from, to suit individual requirements.

The STC brand has some unique products under it’s portfolio such as the Skin & Eye Care Tint Film series. We all know that UV400 is harmful to us and we use special lenses and sunglasses to protect our eyes and Sunblock to protect our skin, did you know that UV rays are active in Summer and winter and are all around us during daytime. The Skin and Eye Care window tint film rejects UV rays up to 410 nanometers unlike various other brands that claim to reject 99% UV but the fine print shows they only protect up to 380 nanometer! Some of the products can be found at https://autoplusmart.com/window-film-wraps/25600044-stc-skin-eye-care-film-70-vlt-00.html or you may visit the company website http://stcfilms.com/our-products/skin-eye-care-series/

The STC Films range includes Safety and Security Films to provide anti shatter glass doors and windows.

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